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Fall Protection

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Tether Track

Because safety is important, we inspect and certify fall arrest systems as well as selling and installing new ones. A Fall Arrest System is an active means of protecting workers from falls in elevated work environments. A complete system includes an anchor system, a connector (such as a shock-absorbing lanyard, or a self-retracting lanyard/SRL), and a body harness. The complete system can provide workers with an extremely high level of mobility and freedom to perform necessary tasks, while preventing falls and secondary injuries.

 Ranger Mobile Anchor

This new addition to the Tether Track line can be easily moved into position and erected. The Ranger's sleek, balanced design allows for easy towing and transport around the job site. Used in conjunction with a full body harness and self-retracting lifeline,

the Ranger Mobile Anchor provides a compete

fall arrest system "on the go."

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