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Below the Hook Devices

Many lifting applications involve shapes and sizes and materials that are not suitable for standard hook lifting. For those applications, we offer various additional lifting devices. In the event that an appropriate lifting device cannot be found, we can assist you by engineering a below-the-hook-device designed for your specific need. Slings and Shackles provide an effective way to lift many bulky or non-standard items. To assist with lifting of this type we offer chain slings, wire rope slings, synthetic web and round slings, and steel mesh slings as well as a variety of shackles, one of the most common connecting devices available.

Variable Frequency Drives

VFD's that are specifically designed for the crane and hoist industry are a combination of hardware and software and provide automated control of all hoist and bridge motions. By incorporating VFD's, materials handling becomes safer and more effective through providing almost infinite motion variability. The inclusion of VFD's in a lifting application will also extend the life of a crane system by avoiding straining the system through rapid starting and stopping. This almost eliminates the wear on the brakes. VFDs are available for new systems or can be retrofitted to your existing hoisting system that needs modernization.

Radio or Electrification Controls

Radio controls and electrification controls are available for new systems and can be retrofitted on existing systems. These controls provide easier use of hard to access areas, greater mobility and flexibility for operators, and increased safety by allowing operators to remain farther from the load. We can have electrification or pushbutton controls shipped directly to your facility or they can be replaced, updated, or modified by our field technicians to keep your operation running smoothly and safely.

Tractor Drives

Tractor drives can be purchased and installed on existing or new systems to provide powered horizontal movement to what would otherwise be a hand-pushed trolley or crane.

Crane Rail

Crane rail can also be purchased to replace existing rail, update or increase the capacity of a current system, or extend a set of runways. Our technicians are available to assist with these transitions.

Conveyor Systems

With custom conveyor systems, we provide an increasing set of options to assist you with your materials handling needs. We can provide or engineer both powered or gravity-roller conveyor systems depending on your particular product flow/materials handling application.


Available in both manual and powered options, Winches provide easy lifting, tightening and pulling. While hand winches are suited for use from several hundred to a few thousand pounds, powered winches can easily lift multiple tons. Chose from convenient portable and mounted options. Winches are a durable, small, versatile option.

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