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Our People

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Larry LaPlue

General Manager

[email protected]

"Adventure is out there!"

Mr. Larry LaPlue


[email protected]

Mr. Larry was engineering crane systems 

before any of us were born.

James Diggs


[email protected]

James keeps our books meticulously 

and our people graciously.

Bob Milican

Customer Relations

[email protected]

Bob enriches our work with a good sense of humor.

Brian Adams

Inspections/Repairs Manager

[email protected]

Brian is completely baffled by people who make mistakes.

Morgan Seals

Maintenance Manager

[email protected]

"You gonna do any work today?"

Tony Knight

Fabrication Manager

"Good help is hard to find."

Carl McConnel

Project Management

[email protected]

Carl is an entrepreneur. 

Donnie Totman

Installation Manager

Donnie is an expert forager.

Angel Mullins

Office Manager

[email protected]

Angel sings with a bluegrass gospel group, 

The Stone Mountain Band.

Tommy Rogers


Tommy is a farmer.

Josh Campbell


Josh is looking to start a hookah bar. 

Brian Sartain


"That won't work."

Alex "Opie" Marshall


Alex enjoys impersonating Bat Man.

Clay Mitchell


According to his coworkers, 

Clay is a hard worker; will do literally anything you ask.

Crystal LaPlue

"Be joyful

though you have considered all the facts."

Wendell Berry