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Intelligent Lifting Device

We carry the G-Force® from Gorbel, which was designed for applications that demand high-cycle lifting and/or precise positioning. The unit senses the speed of an operator's movement and adjusts accordingly, increasing a worker's physical power by supplementing mechanical power to the lifting task. The lifting speed and precision is achieved with a servo motor controlled by customized software and a digital servo controller.

The G-Force® makes any load up to 1320 lbs. feel like it weighs only 3 lbs. This slight weight gives the operator a sense of the load without causing overexertion. The G-Force® smoothly follows the movement of the operator and offers stable performance at any lifting speed or capacity.

Air Balancers

Air balancers are lightweight and portable. Weighing less than 20 pounds, they are capable of operating at 100% (A5) duty cycle. They provide high uniform torque for quick response and smooth, quiet operation. The handle-mounted pendant control allows one-handed operation and load positioning, with precise and infinite speed control for accurate load spotting.

Vacuum Lifters

Vacuum lifters are designed for a wide variety of applications:

  • Any object - sheet and plate, coil, pipe, boxes, bags, molded parts
  • Any material - concrete, metal, glass, foam, wood, stone, plastic
  • Any shape - concave, convex, flat, ribbed, uneven or wavy, rough, smooth
  • Any action - lifting, tilting, rotating, turning over, picking, placing
  • In any environment - indoors, outdoors, dusty, hot, wet, oily.

For single-operator handling without product damage, self-powered lifters create their own vacuum grip mechanically. 

Lift Tables

In many material-handling situations, cranes and hoists are unable to effectively meet the specific requirements of the application. To meet some of these other needs, we offer lift tables and custom conveyor systems. Lift tables allow for the creation of an ergonomic load adjusting work station, aid in material handling during manufacturing, add worker comfort and safety, position paper rolls, provide lateral shifting, or move heavy objects. Lift tables supplement an assembly line transfer system through the use of tilters, lifters, tilt-lifts, torque-lifts, turntables and more.

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