Work Station Cranes

Today many companies are recognizing that it is more cost-effective to find ergonomic solutions to a number of lower capacity needs. If you want faster loading, more precise positioning, and fewer injuries; then we would like to help you design a system or workstation tailored to your needs.

Free Standing Work Station Crane

Work Station Cranes are designed to be completely free standing and easy to install. They feature easy movement, superior load positioning and a modular design for flexible factory layouts. Also, multiple bridges can be installed on one runway system to increase productivity and flexibility in a work area. We feature Gorbel, which carries capacities from 250 to 4000 lbs., and bridge lengths from 4 ft. to 34 ft.

Monorails are the solution for true linear movement. Work station systems can be readily adapted for more sophisticated applications by the addition of extra tracks, curves, switches and interlocks (transfers) that can be easily integrated into a total system. The Gorbel pre-engineered modular designs offer the ultimate in flexibility and layout.

Spotlight on Innovation: Enclosed Track.

Enclosed track systems offer numerous benefits for lower capacity applications.

  • Cranes that run in an enclosed track system require only 1/3 of the effort needed to move traditional bridge cranes.
  • The design virtually eliminates dirt and dust from the rolling surface, thus reducing wear on the wheels of the trolley and end trucks.
  • The smooth running surface means lower rolling resistance.
  • The low profile of the steel track allows the system to be installed where headroom is a problem.
  • The low track weight reduces the applied forces exerted on the supporting structure.
  • Long spans allow systems to be installed where support assemblies are infrequent (up to 30 feet with steel truss design). This reduces the possibility of the support columns interfering with the work cell layout. Four sizes of track (up to 2000 lbs.) keep bridge weights--and costs--to a minimum. We feature Gorbel, the leader in the industry.

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