Vacuum Lifters

Vacuum lifters are designed for a wide variety of applications and situations. They are capable of handling almost any load.

Vacuum lifter for diverse lifting needs
  • Any object - sheet and plate, coil, pipe, boxes, bags, molded parts.
  • Any material - concrete, metal, glass, foam, wood, stone, plastic.
  • Any shape - concave, convex, flat, ribbed, uneven or wavy, rough, smooth.
  • Any action - lifting, tilting, rotating, turning over, picking, placing.
  • In any environment - indoors, outdoors, dusty, hot, wet, oily.

For single-operator handling without product damage, self-powered lifters create their own vacuum grip mechanically.

Due to their position as an industry leader and their focus on high quality and ingenuity, we feature vacuum lifting equipment engineered by the Anver® Corporation.

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