At E S, Inc., we focus on overhead cranes and hoists. We offer you expertise, accessibility, responsiveness, competitive rates, database record-keeping and our excellent relationships with manufacturers. Above all, we are committed to excellence.

Our goal in maintaining your hoists and cranes is to help you maximize the return on the investment that you have made in them. And, although overhead lifting devices are inherently dangerous, they are a vital part of many operations. We look forward to working in partnership with you to maintain a safe and cost-effective operation throughout your company.

The costs of maintaining hoists and cranes generally fall into three categories: Injuries, Lost Production and Direct Maintenance Costs (repair, record keeping, inspection and replacement). And our goal is to help you to reduce those costs.

  • The keys to minimizing injuries are adequate inspection of equipment and adequate operator training.
  • The keys to minimizing lost production are reliable (high-quality, well-maintained) equipment with problem avoidance through early detection, rapid response to hoist outages and operators who are trained for productivity.
  • The key to minimizing ongoing maintenance costs is aggressive preventative maintenance, eliminating unnecessary repair time and rework.

On Location

Our service crews are specially trained and available 24 hours per day to respond to your call. Located in East Tennessee, we currently serve customers in Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, and Georgia.


We are also a repair station for major hoist manufacturers. And our shop personnel are also available to talk with you if you are having difficulties working on a hoist.

In addition to prompt responses and comprehensive support, we will maintain a database history of information about your equipment so that we can easily and quickly provide additional future support to meet your materials handling and maintenance needs.

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