Intelligent Lifting Device: Gorbel G-Force®

G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device by Gorbel

We carry the G-Force® from Gorbel, which was designed for applications that demand high-cycle lifting and/or very precise positioning of loads up to 660 lbs. The unit, senses the speed of an operator's movement and adjusts accordingly, increasing a worker's physical power by supplementing mechanical power to the lifting task. The lifting speed and precision is achieved with a servo motor controlled by customized software and a digital servo controller.

The G-Force® makes any load up to 1320 lbs. feel like it weighs only 3 lbs. This slight weight gives the operator a sense of the load without causing overexertion. The G-Force® smoothly follows the movement of the operator and offers stable performance at any lifting speed or capacity. We would be happy to demonstrate one.

The G-Force provides an ergonomic solution for lifting applications requiring high speed or careful handling and placement

Some of the advantages and safety features of the revolutionairy G-Force® are listed below:


  • Takes on the majority of the load so that the operator exerts less effort, reducing fatigue and risk of long-term cumulative trauma injuries.
  • Capable of lifting speeds up to 200 fpm, the G-Force® lessens the weight without impeding operators from working at their normal pace.
  • Is virtually maintenace free.
  • Requires no lubrication.
  • Is constantly sensing the load and adjusting to changes in load capacity and speed. This level of speed and responsiveness allows operators to increase productivity and safety, even in the most demanding applications.
  • Operator has physical sense of the load because the load follows the operator's natural movement.
  • Requires minimal training and is simple to use.
  • Capable of operating two G-Force® units with one handle or one G-Force® from two different handle locations.
  • Handles and end effectors available for special applications.

Safety Features:

  • Adjusts instantaneously to load changes. In the event that a load is lost during a lifting operation, the G-Force® will hold its position.
  • Locks in place when power is lost. Features a fail-safe braking system that locks the unit in place, preventing the device from moving if power is lost.
  • Knows its load limitations. If an operator lifts a load that exceeds the designed capacity, a red indication light will be illuminated to warn the operator of the overload. When an overload occurs, the lifting device will not permit the load to be lifted further. Normal function will resume once the load has been lowered and removed.
  • Features a safety lighting display system which indicates when the power is on, when the unit is ready for operation and if a capacity overload has occurred. Also features a full display of diagnostic signal lights to help troubleshoot any problems with performance of the unit.

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