We believe that one of the basic elements in an effective partnership which maximizes the effectiveness of your cranes and hoists is regular inspection of your equipment. Our periodic inspection covers the items listed on our Periodic Inspection Report. We developed this report to comply with the recommendations of manufacturers, The American National Safety Institute and OSHA.

During our inspections, we make minor repairs (tightening screws, setting air gaps on brakes, greasing fittings, etc.) and note them on the inspection form. On the bottom of our reports, we list any deficiencies we find and our recommendations for improvement. We provide you with a copy of the inspection report and a summary report addressing any concerns that require immediate action.

In addition, we maintain a database of information about your equipment. We collect the information on the Equipment Spec Sheet and enter it into the database. Ultimately, through the database we can identify:

  • Any piece of equipment
  • Its specifications
  • The results of inspections performed
  • Any maintenance work we have performed.

This database has proven to be an invaluable resource to our customers as it allows us to quickly assess previous maintenance history for specific equipment and to more easily provide quick and comprehensive support. This database allows us to provide better advice and care concerning any given piece of equipment that we inspect and to quickly get the correct parts shipped in the event of a breakdown which significantly minimizes downtime.

With our series of inspections and equipment maintenance we put in the time now so you don't have to waste it later.

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