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Detroit Hoist is committed to providing top quality state-of-the-art hoists and crane components and places customer support and satisfaction as their highest priority. Each wire rope hoist is load tested to 125% of its capacity and we deliver them with a complete operator’s manual including parts lists and wiring diagrams.

Some of the features and options incorporated by Detroit Hoist are highlighted below:

    Detroit Hoist, Wire Rope Hoist
  • Hoist Motors
  • Heavy duty, cast iron frame, 60-minute rated motors are totally enclosed, fan-cooled and provide protection against vapors, dust, and abrasives, while built-in thermal sensors guard against overheating.

  • Motor Brake
  • Double sided disc brakes, heavy duty coils, and premium brake linings provide long life and low maintenance.

  • Hoist Gearbox
  • Totally enclosed case with oil level sight glass and a lifetime lubricated gear train. Designed to AGMA standards.

  • Mechanical Load Brake
  • The Detroit Hoist mechanical load brake is self adjusting and serves as a secondary brake system to control, stop, and hold the load independent of the motor break and is designed to last the lifetime of the hoist.

  • Rope Drum
  • Rope drums are machined to accurate o.d. and grooved to accommodate the full length of wire rope in a single layer, while the drum diameters and groove depths meet the recommendation of HMI and other international standards. The drum spline, which connects directly to the gearbox output, is covered by a lifetime warranty.

  • Rope Reaving
  • Most Detroit Hoists feature "true vertical lift," i.e. the hook remains centered at all times beneath the hoist allowing for balanced and more precise, safer lifting.

  • Limit Switches
  • A photoelectric sensor automatically stops the hoisting motion when the load block reaches its maximum safe operating height. With indicator lights visible to operators on the ground, unlimited operations, and unaffected by wear, the photoelectric limit switch is superior to mechanical levers.

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