Coffing Hoists

Coffing's two primary lines (EC and ELC) incorporate many standard options that place their chain hoist equipment on the frontline in terms of performance and value.

Some of the features and options incorporated by the EC and ELC models include:

  • Standard lifts of 10, 15, and 20 feet.
  • Capacities from 1/8 ton to 5 tons.
  • Voltage and motor options allow for installation in a variety of situations and multiple speeds are available.
  • Hook, lug, plain, geared, or motorized trolly suspensions.
  • 5-pocket load sheave improves chain support and reduces wear.
  • Overload limiting slip-clutch guards against lifting damaging overloads and protects the hoist, operators, supporting structures.
  • Adjustable upper and lower limit switches prevent over travel.
  • Dual-braking system (motor and load brakes).
  • All hoists are protected by a lifetime warranty!

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