Fall Arrest

Fall Arrest and Prevention System to meet Safety Standards

As we have worked with manufacturers, suppliers and other members of the industrial community; we began to notice a growing need of companies concerned about the continued safety and well-being of their employees, especially in the area of fall arrest and fall protection. To help assist in meeting this growing need, we are now offering both products and services in this area including:

  • Inspection and certification of existing fall arrest systems and components
  • Sale and installation of new Fall Arrest Anchor Systems

Now, more than ever before, product offerings and product innovation have increased at a rapid rate. We can help your company find the system it needs to protect its employees.

What is a Fall Arrest System?

A Fall Arrest System is an active means of protecting workers from falls in elevated work environments. A complete system includes an anchor system, a connector (such as a shock-absorbing lanyard, or a self-retracting lanyard/SRL), and a body harness. The complete system using Gorbel's Tether TrackTM as your anchor system can provide workers with an extremely high level of mobility and freedom to perform necessary tasks, while reducing/preventing falls and secondary injurys, in a manner not available from many conventional fall protection products.

Fall Arrest System Harness and Lanyard Example

Our current product offerings include Gorbel's Tether TrackTM anchor systems and custom engineering for speciallized or difficult to access applications. We offer a variety of individual harnesses and lanyards.

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