Tether TrackTM: Rigid Rail Anchor Systems from Gorbel.

Gorbel fall protection offers numerous benefits--both for safety and productivity--that demonstrate an acute attention to details for applications where fall protection is necessary. Specially engineered trolleys provide ease of mobility without danger of tangling. Various track beam options allow for the system to adapt the existing support beams or accomodate multiple workers on the same system.

In particular, Tether TrackTM provides significant particular advantages. When compared to Cable-Supported systems they are:

  • Easier and Safer to Install and Maintain
  • Shorter Fall Distances
  • Reduced Chance of Secondary Fall Injury
  • Signifcant Reduction of Potential Harm to Other Workers Attached to the Same System

In contrast to I-Beam systems, there are the following advantages:

  • Reduced Hanger Loads
  • Significant Reduction of Drag/Rolling Resistance
Gorbel Tether Track Fall Arrest System Comparison to Wire Rope Fall Prevention

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